IEC, a prime of the initial registered clubs of the SOA Deemed to be University, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell, has been umpteen in breaking records since 2015 in conducting events, programme management, creating a strong and supportive platform for the budding innovators and entrepreneurs of SOA.



An idea rejected by one person, is an idea willing to act as an ignition for another.

We believe, every individual is an entrepreneur.  

To help realise the dream of tomorrow's futuristic people, we at IEC, aim at providing a healthy environment and  platform for analysts, dreamers, makers and the leaders of innovation. Pushing beyond boundaries, we make sure to leave no stone unturned in all aspects of a developing project. Be it providing proper directional guidance, financial assistance or getting a project recognised in the limelight, we make sure to provide wings to every bird who wants to fly.

In large, our vision expands to all  horizons of sheltering ideas, huge or small, developed or advanced; we believe in contributing to the society and bringing out the best of entrepreneurship in every believer of the spirit of innovation in the new!